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Informed by 30 years of research

Dr Stephen Brown

Informed by
30 years of

Dr Stephen Brown


the team

Now more than ever teams need to be high performing, agile and adaptable. The Brown Collective’s The Team Doctor® helps to assess and maximise the potential, capability and performance of your team.

Launched 10 months ago,  The Team Doctor®  has been an outstanding success with school and education sector leadership teams. We are delighted with the exceptional feedback on the initiative and invite you to join our growing community of leadership teams. 

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potential capacity & performance


The importance of collaboration and effective team work

has been widely acknowledged as core practices in high performing organisational cultures. However, the need to nurture, stimulate and develop these practices is ongoing. The dynamic of people that is at the heart of such activities is never constant; the development of high performing teams does not occur by chance; they are constantly and systemically developed by leaders in partnership with their workforce. The Brown Collective’s (TBC) The Team Doctor is designed to support organisations to maximise the potential, capability and performance of their teams. 


How does The Team Doctor operate?

Leaders interested in enhancing team performance contact TBC and undertake an initial one hour discussion and self-assessment of current team practices and associated contextual, situational factors. This process is informed by the 6 condition diagnostic based on acknowledged research on high performing teams.


Organisations and
leaders engaging

with TBC’s The Team Doctor will be provided with a customised, collaboratively developed approach to enhancing and enabling high performing teams. Organisations and leaders can then elect to work with the expert TBC leadership faculty to shape a program of work and services. The Team Doctor service will be informed and supplemented by specialists in key areas and dimensions of team performance.

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Contact the
Team Doctor ®

to express your interest in having an initial consultation. Your one-hour triage intake consultation with the Team Doctor® is used to ascertain your priorities and reasons for wanting to undertake work with the identified team.

potential capacity & performance


TBC is a preferred partner of 6 Team Conditions and administers and debriefs the report resulting from the survey. The diagnostic is based on 30 years of research by Harvard visiting Scholar Ruth Wageman and her colleagues. A sample of an overview of the 6 Team Conditions model will be provided in the initial consultation.

After a review of the survey, organisations and leaders can then opt to work with expert TBC faculty to shape a program of work to support the development of their leadership team or teams. A budget for the intended scope of works will be negotiated between program sponsor and TBC.

Triage &
phase 1 work

  • Completion of Diagnostic
  • Review of Report
    (two hours minimum)
  • One hour debrief with executive coach

Triage & basic Phase 1 Work

Base cost: Triage and Phase 1 work and completion of diagnostic, review and debrief with the team by a TBC executive coach. This includes the cost of the diagnostic, review of report (two hours minimum) and a one hour debrief with an executive coach.

Additional Option: Teams can opt to undertake additional diagnostic and pulse surveys on a negotiated basis. Cost dependent on the regularity of application of these tools.

Customised Program design and development: A bespoke program of work aligned with the diagnostic survey and other contextual needs and priorities will be co-constructed and designed. Duration, scope of work and modalities of delivery dependent will be shaped to budget parameters.

Train the Trainer Model 6 Team Conditions

The Team Doctor® in partnership with 6 TEAM CONDITIONS offer an accreditation program for the 6 TEAM CONDITIONS model of high-performing leadership teams. The initial approach is based on two levels and formats:

Level 1: An online module-based program for individuals to undertake on a self-paced basis. The core of these modules is an exploration of the key aspects of the 6 TEAM CONDITIONS.

Level 2: An advanced program held as a two-day on-line or face-to-face workshop. Level 2 involves case studies and peer observation of participant application of the model.

Level 1 and 2 Certification

  • Level 1
  • Level 2
  • Level 2 available either
    on-line or face-to-face workshop

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