Our clients

Our collective has built trusted relationships that interlink across the globe. We value the shared understanding we hold with our clients, including:

National clients

Association of Independent Schools Northern Territory

Brisbane Catholic Education

Catholic Education Diocese of Cairns

Catholic Education Diocese of Rockhampton

Catholic Education Townsville

Catholic Education South Australia

Catholic Education Western Australia

Catholic School Office, Wagga Wagga Diocese

Queensland Department of Education, Early Childhood Education and Care

Department of Education, Northern Territory

Edmund Rice Education Australia, Northern Region

Fulton Trotter Architects

Queensland Catholic Education Commission

Nous Group

Sydney Catholic Schools

Special Education Principal’s and Leader’s Association (SEPLA) NSW

Seventh-day Adventist Church

Various TBC schools and executive teams across Australia


Queensland University of Technology—Bangladesh, Indonesia and Tonga

University of Sunshine Coast —Vanuatu

Scottish College for Educational Leadership



What our clients say

“Catholic Education Canberra Goulburn has been working with Dr Stephen Brown for the past 12 months. His wisdom, experience and knowledge of what works in education and leadership have been invaluable in shaping our direction and efforts. Each time we meet we are affirmed, challenged and supported by Stephen. He is engaging and instructive and draws on a broad evidence base to inform our thinking. We cannot recommend him highly enough!”

Tim Smith, Noel Hurley and Mary-Jane Carroll-Fajarda, Performance and Improvement Leaders,   
Catholic Education Archdiocese of Canberra Goulburn Diocese

“A group of our academic middle leaders participated in a Leadership Challenge program with The Brown Collective during 2018 and 2019. The outcomes of that program were very impressive – some of the richest professional learning I’ve seen in my 35 year professional career.”

Geoff McLay, Principal, West Moreton Anglican College

 “Dr Stephen Brown’s contribution to education and leadership is simply outstanding. His wisdom, compassion, and depth of knowledge are basically unmatched by anyone I have ever heard around the world. When you engage him to work with your organisation, you can expect him to research exhaustively, plan diligently, and to then deliver a challenging event that will enrich the intellect and heart of every attendee. I cannot recommend him highly enough.”

Tony Ryan, Learning Futurist, Educator, Writer and Consultant

“In my years of working with many capable executive leaders in government, Stephen is one of a few standouts. He provides policy and strategic knowledge and skills with an understanding of people and teams that is both broad and deep.

Stephen has the characteristics and a wonderful blend of experience, in government and private industry which sets him apart as a highly intelligent and influential leader.”

Bob Hastings, APM
Executive Director State Government | Director Security Public Safety | Senior International Consultant | CEO

“Stephen Brown and the faculty of experienced educators that support thebrowncollective are adept professional facilitators who have received resoundingly positive feedback from Leading With Integrity for Excellence program participants.

Thebrowncollective are agents of change who are informed by evidenced-based research and motivated by improvement and the impact that professional learning can have on culture and leadership… Stephen Brown and thebrowncollective faculty epitomises professionalism and the success of their work with BCE has been due to this professional relationship.”

Peter Hill, Director Employee Services, Brisbane Catholic Education

“The Brown Collective’s commitment to the development of educational leaders within our sector is unsurpassed. It is an absolute privilege and delight to work with Stephen and his team to further develop leaders for the future of Catholic Education South Australia. Thank you, Stephen!”

Phil Holmes, Senior Education Advisor, Catholic Education South Australia

“Stephen is resourceful, astute, highly relational, committed and contemporary. He draws on his boundless depth and breadth of wisdom, energy, integrity and a genuine desire to improve his own and others’ leadership capacity. Stephen meets people where they are—literally and metaphorically—and supports them to move to ‘higher ground’; his own greatness comes from empowering others to be great.”

Nichii Mardon, Caritas College

Stephen and Amanda, sincere thanks for what has been one of the best professional learning programs I have been involved in. You challenged my thinking and encouraged me to self-reflect, and have inspired me to further my reading, especially leadership. You provided an opportunity to strengthen the leadership network at my school as well as in the south east, which is so important to our system of schools and leadership sustainability in rural education.”

Amanda Parslow, Principal, St Anthony’s Primary School, Millicent

“The Brown Collective is exceptional in Australian educational vision and consultancy offering personal and dedicated service. Stephen Brown is an international educational leader who generates insightful self-reflective practice grounded in research, experience and integrity. Thebrowncollective is committed to integral education walking with those individuals, schools or systems who choose its services. I have grown as an educator and leader through working with thebrowncollective.”

Philomena Billington, Consultant, Ministry Without Borders

“I have not been to a PD that has changed my thinking so profoundly in a long time. I have walked away with a much greater understanding of myself and my team and know without doubt that our relationships will be significantly improved due to my participation on this course. I am also, for the first time, inspired about the changes that I may be able to bring about in my school as a part of being on this project.”

Jo Patterson, St Anthony’s Primary School

Stephen’s presentation was grounded in the reality of the work of schools and the complex nature of the relationships that develop within them. I was challenged to look at the people or situations ‘the temple cats’ that exist within my school, those existing practices or mental models that have been tacitly accepted over time that need to be confronted, explored and resolved. Stephen dared us to shine the moral light on those aspects of our schools, systems or culture which may exist in the dark corners undisturbed and unchallenged.

Matthew Johnson, Vice President, SEPLA, NSW

Dear Steve, a short note to thank you for the exceptional work over the last few years in developing the leadership teams at both of our colleges. Your contemporary, well-researched and exemplary work has resulted in so many improvements but also has been instrumental in building a culture of leadership excellence. This is characterised by autonomy and authority along with an appreciative understanding of others and how best to optimise others contributions. I have been particularly taken with your approach to being evidence based, research minded in your strategies. This, along with your intellect and pragmatic understanding of schools and education sets you apart in what can be a saturated market of consultants.

James Sloman, Executive Principal of the Moreton Bay Colleges 

Dr Stephen Brown has worked with me and my team for several years. As a new large school leader I found Stephen’s expertise extremely helpful in planning our school’s improvement.
Stephen is passionate in ensuring that leaders fulfil their moral purpose; he reminds us of the value of education for our youth and the privilege of our role. He genuinely and skilfully inspires and influences individuals and teams to effect research-based school-wide improvement. Stephen’s knowledge and understanding of human behaviour, motivation, communication, leadership and school culture have been very well received and applied. We have built a great relationship over the years, our school has come a long way, and we have been able to celebrate these achievements together!

 Kirsten Dwyer, Principal, Rockhampton State High School

The Ethics Centre has been working with The Brown Collective to introduce an ethics module as part of their governance and leadership program for Catholic school principals and executives. Stephen’s great evidence based approach shows Principals have already reported substantial increases in understanding and confidence across governance, leadership and ethics. We are delighted with this outcome and look forward to continuing to enhance ethical decision making in the education sector.

Victoria Whitaker, Co Head, Advice and Education, The Ethics Centre