Webinar Event:
18 August 2021 – 5:00pm – 6:00pm

$100 + GST Per Person

Imperfect Leadership with Steve Munby

thebrowncollective Webinar Series

Too often we hear talks or read books about perfect leaders; super-hero leaders who are hugely successful and are exceptionally good at what they do.  It is supposed to inspire us, but it actually has the reverse effect.  

In this webinar Steve will argue that the concept that we need to be good at all aspects of leadership is not only unrealistic, it is bad for the mental and physical well-being of leaders.   The more we seek to become the perfect leader, the more likely we are to make ourselves ill and to disempower those around us.    

In contrast, imperfect leaders have a deep self-awareness, they know their strengths and weaknesses and they are good at asking for help.  They value their teams, they distribute leadership responsibility and they build trust amongst their colleagues.   They lead with power and with love.