Our work

Capacity building

We customise our unique leadership capability programs to reflect the reality and dynamics of your context.

Some examples of recent work are outlined below.

Executive Leadership Program for Catholic schools

In partnership with Brisbane Catholic Education (BCE), The Brown Collective designed, developed and delivered a customised executive leadership program, Leading with integrity for excellence: Governance for Catholic schools. Tailored to Catholic guiding values and identity, the program has developed strategic and operational capability to ensure high-quality Catholic schooling and positive outcomes for stakeholders.

Leading with integrity for excellence will be delivered to 260 BCE schools and system leaders by September 2018, a total of 450 Queensland Catholic schools by mid-2019, and will be expanded nationally.

Program feedback to date has been exceptional and University of Melbourne’s Dr Anna Dabrowski is undertaking an independent impact evaluation study.

“In facilitating this program, thebrowncollective has delivered a relevant, contemporary course which draws on current research and good practice and is collegial, collaborative, innovative and well targeted to our leaders in Catholic schools. A valuable, and highly regarded program.”

Pam Betts, Executive Director, Catholic Education, Archdiocese of Brisbane

Middle leadership program for Catholic schools

The collective’s Leading from Within program acknowledges the importance of identifying, supporting and developing a diverse range of leaders within schools and systems.

The program targets middle leaders—teachers who have positions of responsibility in addition to classroom teaching, and high-performing classroom teachers aspiring to or being encouraged to undertake leadership roles within their individual school settings. Individuals can self-reflect about their leadership capabilities, and contribute to the shared direction of their school and the broader Catholic Education system.

For the past four years, thebrowncollective has delivered this important program to Catholic Education South Australia schools, enabling sustainable and transferable leadership within the system for years to come.

“I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you, Stephen, for your exemplary leadership and commitment to this program during the past four years. I know that you have witnessed, nurtured professional partnerships and been rewarded by the leadership growth of many teachers and leaders during this period of time.”

Susan Young, Assistant Director, Leadership Development, Catholic Education South Australia

International study tours

We work with schools and systems to broaden knowledge in an international context. The Association of Independent Schools Northern Territory (AISNT) engaged us to undertake study tours to Hong Kong and China to immerse participants in an understanding of education in Asian countries. This includes the structure of the education system, the methods of provision, innovations, current research and attitudes.

From these study tours came the development of school-to-school partnerships in Shanghai, principal exchanges, student visits and sister school arrangements.

Feedback from participants was that not only does study sharpen the mind – it also confirms that many of the challenges and critical issues in education are similar, whether in a remote corner of the Northern Territory, Australia, or in a world far removed from the Australian context.

“Stephen is a dynamic and energetic leader, deeply intuitive about the groups and individuals he works with, and superb at responding to their needs.

I have enormous admiration for his ongoing commitment to positive change in education, his ability to bring together local concerns and the international perspective, and his insistence on the importance of operating within the global context.

He collaborates with experts from all over the world in a highly purposeful way, using these linkages to bring a wealth of knowledge and understanding to wherever he is working.

Stephen has a rare ability to cut through extraneous matters to focus on what really counts when it comes to improving education, especially organisational structure and leadership. He is a principled and positive person, who just happens to have a great sense of humour as well. An inspiring man, and a magnificent leader.”

Gail Barker, Executive Director, Association of Independent Schools Northern Territory