About us

We are a worldwide collective of thought leaders and advisers.

The Brown Collective’s unique and complementary skill sets are focused on enhancing the performance of individuals, teams and whole organisations.

Our foundational experience lies in educational leadership development, and developing high quality executive leadership programs for sectors and systems, both nationally and internationally.

We’re a known and trusted voice in every sector needing our expertise in policy and strategy, capacity-building, and sustainable change.

Our work is dedicated to legacy—making a meaningful impact for future generations. This clear purpose means our professional community shares a deep commitment to excellence through research, evidence, equity and social justice.

With every client, we invest ourselves in relationships rich with meaning and understanding so that we can deliver tailored and customised approaches with maximum relevance and impact.

Our hallmarks are absolute ethics, values and authenticity, anchored by agreed ideals and ways of working—and this is how to recognise our collective worldwide.


In 2016, Dr Stephen Brown established the global professional services company, The Brown Collective, a company that specialises in providing customised responses to enhance individual, team and organisational performance.

The Brown Collective draws on both Stephen’s experience gained in more than 30 years of organisational development, change management and strategy, and that of his global collective of experts.

Today, the company has an extensive client base and a deep understanding of the challenges that exist within the education and related sectors, and beyond.



We offer meaningful work built on genuine, authentic relationships.


We listen carefully to understand your narrative and your context.


Partnerships steeped in ethics combined with years of global experience—this invites trust.


We are responsive and able to address your organisational needs, wherever you are, and whenever and whatever you need.


Our focus is on influencing generational change through exceptional work.


We will help you and your organisation to enable change that has impact and continuity.